Our Approach

RAVE IMPRESSIONS CONSULTING is a hospitality firm that focuses on structuring, cultivating and engaging hospitality industry workforce to deliver relatable service to consumers. 


Our mission is to identify avenues that will fully maximize the consumer-to-business relationship according to the adapted:

5-Steps of Customer Bridging Model 

  • Product – Are we providing what our customers want? 
  • Service – Are we considering the service we provide as a means to retain customers? 
  • Security – Are we considered trustworthy by our customers? 
  • Consistency – Are we developing a blueprint for everyday service?  
  • Appeal –  Are we operating within the lines of the latest trends?  

Our Story

We have seen overworked business owners and under trained teams.

We have seen time pass by and goals have not been accomplished.

Let us help you get back on track! 

We are built on the notion that “Everyone can use a little more hospitality in the world“!  Often times in our industry we are so desperate to employ full-time, part-time or temporary staff based on our current personal knowledge of the industry, but not with the realization of the ever-changing atmosphere of hospitality.  We are passionate about educating and providing exemplary service through intimate trainings, exclusive workshops or services.

Our Corporate Responsibility

Destiny’s Freedom is a program that will aide as a positive addition in the growth and development of young ladies ages 15 – 25 that may have experienced social deprivation due to adversities by exploration of the essence of the Hospitality Management and Event Production Industry. The program will allow the young ladies to explore industry opportunities to offer a different perspective of the world.

The mission of Destiny’s Freedom is to create an atmosphere where girls will be empowered, educated and able to experiment with unlimited possibilities and hope for their destiny.

In efforts to raise necessary funds towards our annual goals, The Destinies & Divinities Novelty Shop was created with various empowerment items for purchase. 

    Meet the Owner

Stefanie White-Lafosse is a graduate of Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Hospitality Management. For over 15 years, Stefanie has worked with some of South Florida’s most prominent production companies and destination management companies travelling nationally and internationally to assist in producing major event productions. As a student of Florida International University’s Hospitality Management program, her professor Susan B. Gladstone, mentored and offered opportunities to soak up the endless possibilities of the Hospitality Industry by volunteering for Women of Tomorrow, Alonzo Mourning Charities & Honey Shine Mentoring, Latin Billboard Awards, just to name a few.  Stefanie worked through undergraduate and graduate school, as an intern of the most notable festival in the industry, Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival, which is where she found the passion for logistics and event production.  she has had the opportunity to work with the most unparalleled genius of white-glove service, Barton G. Weiss, at Barton G Corporate where she was groomed and further developed the preciseness of design, technical and technique for high-end clientele.  Later in her career, she was given the opportunity to enhance her leadership and management skills by working with the highly-acclaimed, Deco Productions, IncCurrently, she holds a positions as Adjunct Professor at a local college, the Director/Success Coach of a non-profit organization for teen girls and an accomplished author.  She believes that “Servanthood is the calming agent for a catastrophic and chaotic environment.  When people know how to better serve, the essence of hospitality can shine.”